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Mirror, mirror on the wall
Mirrors play a very strong part in our home today. They can be used as feature pieces, displayed as artwork, used to create light and space and even used to show your personality. Picking the right mirror for each room takes a lot of consideration - …
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A Whiter Shade of Pale - a Vintage Look for Your Bedroom

The Shabby chic or Vintage style is typified by furniture and accessories which mimic the English country house or cottage look. The centre pieces for conjuring this eminently feminine style are the items of furniture, but antique accessories and …
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When it's Chic to be Shabby

As the trend and demand for Shabby Chic furniture and accessories seems to continue unabated, we examine how the trend began and why it is one style of furniture and decor that seems to be here to stay.The term 'shabby chic' was originally coined …
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Vintage to get you through summer and beyond

The long awaited summer season is nearly here, and soon the weather is going to be much warmer. The length of the days are already getting longer, with much lighter evenings. This is a time in which a lot of people look to make the most of the war…
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Shabby Chic Bird Houses for Summer protection

Whilst we eagerly wait for the sunny season, and whilst it may appear that our surrounding wildlife is too, the heat through the summer months can prove to be detrimental to their wellbeing, and thus a shabby chic bird house could be considered in…
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