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Papa Theo :: Quality hand-crafted furniture and giftware from AsiaPapa Theo :: Quality hand-crafted furniture and giftware from Asia

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Update your favourite lamp shade

Do you have a favourite lampshade that is just calling out for an update or doesn't quite fit in with your current home interior? You'll be glad to hear that you don't have to throw out your beloved possession. You can easily give your lampshade a…
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Why choose Papa Theo?

Here at Papa Theo we have had a real passion for the trade and industry we work in, ever since 1991 when we first established the company. All our products are special because of the love and time we put into making each and every one of them. Read post »

3 of our top mirrors for enhancing your home

Strategically placed mirrors can be the ideal way to improve any room in your house. Picking the right mirror for each room takes a lot of consideration however. Not only do you need to keep in mind the size of the mirror but you also need to thin…
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Misconceptions about shabby chic furniture

Not everyone understands the term shabby chic as it is quite an ambiguous phrase used in interior design. It is a style of furniture which has been very open to interpretation by some. However, as this is an industry we love and our very passionat…
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5 shabby chic products for your bedroom

It can be a welcomed refreshment to update or redecorate your house. It is sometimes easier to do it room by room though, rather than taking on a massive task in one go. If you are looking to give your home a new lease of life, why not give your h…
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