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Candles In The Home

Years ago, growing up as kids, candles really came in one size, one shape, one colour. Don’t even think of asking if they smelt! Now, candles are not only available in seemingly every size, shape and colour, but also in every possible mix of sme…
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Shabby Chic Flooring For Your Home

If you visit an art gallery tomorrow, you’ll see paintings in frames on the wall. The paintings themselves are highly subjective in terms of how good they are from an artistic perspective but one could argue that the frame that borders and focus…
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Shabby Chic Furniture for Businesses

If we step back 30 years (those of us old enough to do so) and look at offices of the 1980s, it probably wouldn't be unfair to say that employer investment into the workplace environment isn't what it is today. Offices were typically quite dull an…
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Papa Theo's Top Summer Picks

As the weather begins to warm up a bit and summer is (just about) in sight, we like to think about updating our homes and adding or replacing different features that might be looking a bit tired. Here at Papa Theo we believe change is a great thin…
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Creating A Shabby Chic Cafe

At Papa Theo we're constantly monitoring the shabby chic trend, looking for interesting styles, developments and ideas. Recently we've been seeing a huge amount of shabby chic cafes opening across the UK! We've seen hand built shabby chic food tra…
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